We prepare students with a challenging education that requires them to think critically, communicate effectively, and engage fully in their intellectual growth and personal development. In doing so, they become self-confident, ethical citizens who embody our motto, “Live and Serve.”


When founded in 1919, North Shore Country Day was the visionary answer to a fundamental question: What matters most when educating a child? Continually refining our answer to that question and evolving our program propels us forward with purpose and passion.


Building bridges within and beyond our diverse JK-12 community helps us understand ourselves, each other, and our world.


Building bridges within and beyond our diverse JK-12 community helps us understand ourselves, each other, and our world.


Truly knowing our students allows us to challenge and support them as individual people and learners.


There are no spectators at NSCD. Active participation in academic, artistic, athletic, and service activities promotes the adaptive intellectual and emotional skills we value.


We push our students to participate widely and take risks regularly, ensuring they stretch, explore, stumble, and grow. In doing so, they discover their passions and strengths, developing critical skills that carry them successfully into college and beyond.


At NSCD, equity, diversity, and inclusion are essential to fulfilling our mission, achieving educational excellence, and creating a better world. We are committed to building a diverse community regarding race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and economic background. Diversity, though, is about more than just numbers. Therefore, we also strive to create an inclusive community where all people are treated with respect and dignity, multiple perspectives and experiences are welcome, and students from all cultures and backgrounds can succeed. North Shore engages its community members to develop cultural competencies that allow us to communicate and interact effectively across cultures. Both inside and outside the classroom, learning from and coming to understand differences and commonalities enrich us and empower us with skills for living in a diverse, 21st-century world. Grappling with the complex issues of this world enables us to explore the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society and examine a range of ways to participate in developing a more just and equitable society. We invite all community members to join us in this continuous learning journey.